Uhoh...New FCC Appointees Big on Network Neutrality

Death of Blogging Imminent

Obama's new honchos on the FCC transition team are huge fans of regulating "teh internet". From Wired (h/t Reason):
"We're not doing at all well for reasons that mostly have to do with the fact that we failed to have a US industrial policy pushing forward high-speed internet access penetration, and there's been completely inadequate competition in this country for high speed internet access," she said.

And in a final introductory statement during her talk (that's likely to send shivers down the spines of telecom company executives) she said that she believes internet access is a "utility."

"This is like water, electricity, sewage systems: Something that each and all Americans need to succeed in the modern era. We're doing very badly, and we're in a dismal state," she said at the time.
Considering something like the internet a "utility" means the door is wide open to any number of regulations from bureau-weenies to stifle free expression. At this rate, the only websites left in America will be Obama-propaganda outlets like The Huffington Post, schnooze-inducing sites dedicated to Obama's Blackberry, and a few municipal websites so you know where to pick up your soup line rations. Buh-bye Obacalypse! The Four Horsemen just don't have the cash to hire a team of lawyers to operate this blog.


Zero Ponsdorf said...

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cathcatz said...

i think its more about making sure that all parts of that big swatch of red america there in the middle, you know, the sparsely populated counties who vote conservative, can have access to the interwebs by making sure that the infrastructure is there for dsl, fios, whateverthehellyoucallit...

why so cynical, lt? i don't think its about "regulating" the internet. its about improving the availabilty of the technology.