Salon Ponders the Magnificence of Michelle Obama's Butt

Salon was once a decent internet journal that had insight into current cultural trends. But, after 8 years of BDS and its newfound religion of Obamunism, it just ain't what it used to be. Let's take a look at their latest top piece "First Lady Got Back":
Compromise, bipartisanship? Don't think so. Here was one clear signifier of blackness that couldn't be tamed, muted or otherwise made invisible. It emerged right before our eyes, in the midst of our growing uncertainty about everything, and we were too bogged down in the daily campaign madness to notice. The one clear predictor of success that the pundits, despite all their fancy maps, charts and holograms, missed completely? Michelle's butt.
While Obama continues appointing former Clinton operatives (and Hillary herself) and Soros-funded wonks to his team ensuring that havoc is wreaked on America, political commentators seemed completely mired in the inane details. This would include Michelle Obama's wardrobe, Ariana Huffington lavishing disgusting praise for her Dear Leader during primetime, and now the rump of the first lady. Get used to 4 years of this crap.



cathcatz said...

former clinton operatives??


that's cute.

sounds better to me than current bush cronies.

Nephi said...

Thank heaven someone else with a brain elsewhere than in their pants is calling you horses' asses for what you are: horses' asses!

LT Nixon said...

Damnit Nephi, Go Away. Cathcatz makes valid comments, you're just some 9/11 conspiracy theorist with nothing better to do except make the same lame insult. zzzzz

Trish said...

Who are these people, Cathcatz & Nephi and why do they read your blog if all they can do is complain about it? My goodness, you'd think these intellectual liberals would have jobs to go to or something in their communities to organize...
As for this ridiculous bit about the First Butt, we are doomed if we are even in a discussion about this!! Say goodbye to reality, and hello to the world of the inane.

cathcatz said...

trish, i'm not complaining about anything anymore. :)

and LT does not mind dissent, it's healthy.

try being around people who don't always agree with everything you do. it may just open your mind a tad. i read lt's blogs because i like his perspective on things. sometimes i agree, most of the time i don't. but last i checked, he didn't have a problem with me or my comments, so why should you?

and for the record, i DO have a job, a good one.

LT Nixon said...


The only person on the Obacalypse we want to go away so far is Nephi. Try googling Nephi + 9/11 + Dailykos.com, it's good for a hoot!

cathcatz said...

i'm kinda' sad that trish lumps me in with nephi.