Should America's Youth Be Part of the Obama Brigades?

Young People: Too Cool For Getting A Haircut, But Are They Cool Enough To Criticize Obama?

Even though the youth vote did not come out in record numbers as anticipated (they were too busy updating their Facebook profile, gramps), they still went decidedly for The Obama. But amidst an orgy of support to compensate for their vacuous lives, it's nice to see the cool heads prevail at some of our nation's universities. From The Daily Bruin (UCLA's student newspaper):
After grumbling and groaning for years, we are suddenly dusting off our pom-poms and waving them in favor of the government. Will we step up to the plate when it comes time to call out our hero on any of his mistakes (he won’t make any of course, not Obama, not him) or when policies don’t go as planned?

This is a strange mantle of responsibility for us. We are soon going to be a part of the work force – the actual world where bills, mortgages and babies exist. Can we still be the same Generation Y that had everyone slightly intimidated by our attitude? USA Today featured an article about Gen Y in the workplace and pegged us as the ones who were groomed to take over corporate America.
We are jazzed that young people understand the necessity to keep a watchful eye on the government. Remember, when the administration implements a "Logan's Run" policy to get people off the entitlement dole due to a record federal deficit, it might not be the Hope N' Change you voted for.


Mike said...

Thankfully by the looks of these people, the day they come for me I shouldn’t be too worried as I could kick about 10 of their asses at a time.

Mike said...

P.S.: The only one who kind of scares me is the she beast with the gunt (which will be my word of the month and I cant thank you enough for introducing me to it)

Trish said...

The march of the tin soldiers. These entitled brats we've raised don't have an ounce of honor in them, and if they were sent to fight, would cower and whimper and give the peace sign, all the way home.

LT Nixon said...


Don't thank me, thank the Australian military!


It seems that way, but at least the latest editorial from the Daily Bruin gives me some hope.