Cleland at VA?

The Washington Times speculates this morning that former Senator Max Cleland might be in line for an appointment to the VA Secretary in the new administration;
A source familiar with transition planning said Mr. Cleland, a Vietnam veteran and triple amputee, is under consideration for either secretary of Veterans Affairs or secretary of the Army in an Obama administration, and liberal grass-roots support is building for his selection.

That just might make sense - a combat-injured veteran who has, most likely, spent the last forty years in the VA system knows what veterans need and he's probably going to do the right thing more often than someone off the street looking for a cushy job. But if they're considering him to be Army Secretary, not so smart - it would be waste of his expertise.

He voted more often with Conservatives on Homeland Security issues, but as the Army Secretary, he'd only be charged with implementing policy rather than making policy. I'd prefer to see him doing the most good for the troops in the role of VA Secretary.


Nephi said...

You folks are such tools of Limbaugh it is almost funny. Care to try thinking on your own? I am all ears.

cathcatz said...

i hope that cleland gets the VA post as well, and for the very same reasons you site. my dad was a patients in the VA system for almost ten years until his death in 1982. let me tell you, it sucked ass, and i don't think it's much improved since then. the system is a wreck, and only one who's been through it all could possibly understand that.