The shallow end of the Obama Brain Pool

Back in May, MSNBC floated the idea of John Kerry for Secretary of State for the Obama Administration;
Kerry aides insist he's not angling for the job and point to his long involvement in foreign affairs. It started with his famous testimony as a 27-year-old veteran questioning the Vietnam War before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee. It continues today, at age 64, as the No. 3 Democrat on the same panel.

But envisioning him in the post would hardly be a stretch given Obama's chances at securing the Democratic nomination, a general election shaping up as a "change" campaign and Kerry's relationship with the Illinois senator.

Political floated the same rumor later that week, but Kerry dismissed the rumors;
Sen. John Kerry (D-Mass.) dismissed media reports that he is angling to become America's top diplomat, saying Monday that rumors linking him to the secretary of state post in a potential Obama administration were nothing more than “silly talk.”

Silly talk indeed. His qualifications include unauthorized negotiations with our enemies North Vietnam and Nicaragua. Why would we ant to legitimize that behavior? Not to mention his tendency for "failed jokes".

McQ of Q and O said just a few weeks ago;
Can you even begin to imagine Kerry as Secretary of State with Joe Biden as VP and those two making up the foreign policy brain trust for Obama?

No, I can't. Making Kerry Secretary of State would be just like making Sandy Berger the Archivist of the United States. However, there is an upside to Kerry leaving his Senate post, in that Kerry would leave his Senate post. Long term, it could be better for the country - even better would be naming him as the US Ambassador to Vermont.
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Anonymous said...

The idea of John Kerry as Secretary of State is truly scary.