4 Horsemen Thanks The Readers

Our first full day and we're clocking in at about 400 hits. Whether you hate us or are mildly amused by us, we thank you for your feedback and visits. We are prostitutes for links and blogrolls, and will be happy to link you here if desired. We even got called a "New Breed of Wingnut" by a Utah blog. Like the trench-coated jokers at the celebration party, someone has to drop a big steamy turd in the punch bowl to keep things interesting. Please come back often as we plan to continue until the world ends or we just get shut down by new Fairness Doctrine legislation.

-The 4 Horsemen


Claymore the Destroyer of Worlds said...

Did that turd muncher say we're "America hating"? That's rich...and by rich, I mean anyone making more than $250k a year...or is it $200k...do I hear $150k? $75k?

Jonn Lilyea said...

"New breed", huh? Funny since I've been voting for Republicans since Reagan and on the internet since Clinton. If I were from utah, I wouldn't mention "breed" too often.

Papa Mike's Blog said...

Just found your site! my friend Robin over at Chickenhawk Express guided me over here. Man keep up the GREAT work and if you get some time stop in at www.PapaMikeT.com. that's my site, and even though the election didn't turn out like we hoped it would, just look at it this way....we got 4 more years of material on Hussein Obama!! That puts a smile on every 'bloggers' face.

Semper Fi

Papa Mike