My Call to Service

Well, it's still a week from the Inauguration, but Michelle Obama is calling me to service;

She writes in the email;
Volunteers of all ages and backgrounds are committing to renew America together, one community at a time.

Whatever service activity you organize or take part in -- cleaning up a park, giving blood, volunteering at a homeless shelter, or mentoring an at-risk youth -- you can help start this important journey. But this is about more than just a single day of service, it's the beginning of an ongoing commitment to your community.

Um, aren't all of those things reasons they give me to pay my taxes? Every year I pay tens of thousands of dollars of my earnings to the State and Federal governments because they think they can do those things better than I can do those things. Now they're admitting that my money goes down a black hole and I need to do those things in addition to pay my taxes on time?

But I've been "enabled to serve";

Don't worry, if fewer people than expected want to serve, more of us will be "enabled", I'm sure.


traveler_in_time said...

I believe you're missing the point... "Whatever service activity you organize or take part in".
You're already doing your part by alerting the public to what a fraud her husband is. :)
The Traveler

Anonymous said...

What do they have to say to those of us who have been volunteering for much of our lives?

In addition to military service I have been an emergency volunteer in my town for many years.

I guess that doesn't count for much next to cleaning up a park...