It's Official, Obama is Now Mr. Cool

Move over, Fonz, because Obama has usurped the title of "Mr. Cool", according to the media. David Ignatius has a good Monday morning stroke-fest at WaPo:
As the days tick down toward inauguration, Obama remains Mr. Cool. His advisers say he makes decisions more confidently than anyone they've ever watched in politics. He's fashioning a new style of governing, as if by instinct. He's rebuilding a center that many analysts thought was impossible. He's heading into the loneliest, most difficult terrain on earth, and he's still making it look easy. But it won't be.
It should be noted that this is not the first time Ignatius has referred to Obama as Mr. Cool. From back in May:
What's compelling about Obama is that fusion of grace and ambition. He's playing for the highest stakes, but he makes it look easy. That cool, graceful quality evokes John F. Kennedy and the Rat Pack -- all these sleek, handsome men in silk suits and skinny ties who never break character, never miss a beat.
Damn dude, just blow the guy while you're down there.

With a hard-hitting, attack-dog press corps like this, why would the President even bother having competence or transparency in office. Even ball-busting media programs like PBS: Frontline are giving Obama a pass. What a joke. On the plus side, it makes this blog look like it's run by huge assholes, haha.



cathcatz said...

did you watch dumbya's bizarre going away presser yesterday?

do you seriously feel that being "cool", having the ability to answer questions intelligently, and motivating people in a positive way, is a bad thing??

how much energy does it take for you to put a negative spin on everything obama?

Girl in the Middle said...

Cathcatz, I'm guessing it takes less energy for the LT to write about the media+Obama lovefest than it does for you to beat the same old dead horse. But that's just a guess...

Mike said...

You want to see something interesting, go read David Ignatius' old articles from the Crimson. In it you will find stirring pieces on the wonderful guys and gals who made up the MPLA or what Mayday means to him in the context of Marxism/Leninism.

Once a ridiculous commie hack always a ridiculous commie hack I suppose.

LT Nixon said...

The struggle of the two theses moves with the dialogue into the minds of each member of the audience. They wage war; the dialectical revolution, spoken of in the play as "the revolution which burns up everything in blinding brightness, will only last as long as a lighting flash,"

THAT lightning flash is the dialectical synthesis of the opposing forces.

mwahaha, from the 1970 Crimson.

Mike H said...

I always wondered how some people can escape a past of batshit insanity without any repercussions or worse yet, it actually fucking helps their carrers and only have to fuck up once and thats it for them.

I guess being a liberal means never having to say you are sorry.