Obama's New Education Sec: Heavy on Politics, Light on Teaching

Arne Duncan w/Fancy Suit and Haircut: No Stand and Deliver Here!

Cicero once noted of teachers that "What nobler employment, or more valuable to the state, than that of the man who instructs the rising generation?". But, it's unclear what the famous orator would make of a lifelong "administrator" like Obama's pick for Education Secretary, Arne Duncan, who has never taught a day in his life. That might be why he has advanced such dunderheaded ideas like paying students for good grades. From US News:
In Chicago, Fryer helped public schools CEO Arne Duncan implement an incentive program for about 3,750 high school freshmen in 20 schools because Duncan expressed concern about the high rate of students who drop out in ninth or 10th grade. At the end of every five-week marking period, Green for Grades participants can earn $50 for every A, $35 for every B, and $20 for each C they receive in English, math, science, social studies, and physical education.
Knowledge can prevent our nation's youth from drooling all over themselves and future generations getting eaten alive by the Chinese in today's competitive world, and you would think that would be enough of a motivating factor to keep these ungrateful youngsters in class. But in a state where even the Senate seat if up for grabs with cash, it's only natural that the youth will expect a monetized value attached to everything.

Speaking of the Blagster, here's a press release from the most unpopular Governor since Pontius Pilate regarding a meeting with Arne Duncan. From Illinois.Gov:
As hundreds of parents, teachers and supporters of public education descended on the State Capitol today to rally for more education dollars, Gov. Rod R. Blagojevich met with Chicago Public Schools’ CEO Arne Duncan, Chicago Board of Education president Michael Scott, former Chicago Board of Education president Gery Chico, and several Chicago area lawmakers to discuss his Higher Standards, Better Schools Plan. The Governor’s proposal would boost school funding by $440 million without increasing the sales or income taxes, and increase high school graduation standards so students are better prepared for higher education and the workplace.
Because Hot Rod's got a "really big fucking thing" with these education dollars! I'm sure Arne Duncan was not involved with any of sleaziness in the cesspool of Chicago.


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Mike said...

I dont know much about Duncan but the unions here fucking love him.