Another Obama Cabinet Appointee Wrapped Up in Blago

It's not just Rahm Emanuel who is hiding the details about his connection to America's least favorite governor. Apparently Attorney General nominee, Eric Holder, was hired by Hot Rod for $300K to preside over investigations of some shady casino deal in Illinois back in '04. Holder conveniently left this transaction out of the vetting process to the Senate Judiciary Committee. From the Chicago Sun-Times:
Eric Holder has given hundreds of press interviews," Obama transition spokeswoman Stephanie Cutter said in a statement. "He did his best to report them all to the committee, but as he noted in the questionnaire itself, some were undoubtedly missed in the effort to reconstruct a list of them."

Holder signed the questionnaire on Sunday -- five days after Blagojevich's arrest for allegedly putting Obama's U.S. Senate seat up for sale. The Judiciary Committee asked him to provide lists and "copies of transcripts or tape recordings of all speeches or talks delivered by you" and "all interviews you have given to newspapers, magazines or other publications."

The March 2004 Chicago news conference where Holder and Blagojevich spoke was widely covered because of a controversial 4-1 Gaming Board vote earlier that month to allow a casino to be built in Rosemont. That vote defied the recommendation of the board's staff, which had raised concerns about alleged organized-crime links to the Rosemont casino's developer.
For the folks "proud of their country for the first time" since Obama got elected, this whole Blago thing has to be a huge turd in the punchbowl. What a pity.


Mike said...

Remember, they only met with Blago so they could get directions on how to get away from Blago.

Shea said...

at least McCain didn't get picked by the behind the scenes puppeteers, the guy voted against veterans every chance he got in the senate, didn't even know how many houses his wife owned, left his sick wife to marry his mistress, didn't take up for his daughter against bush in the 2000 primarys, the list of dispicable goes on and on, can't believe that McCain was the nominee, just goes to show you that there hasn't been a real free election in the US for president in decades, they're all fixed, glad Obama got picked, but was it because they are going to end up blaming this Economic Depression on him, Blame it on the black man, then they won't have to worry about the minorities ever again in govt, or big business, it'll all get discredited, got to hand it to the "man", passifying the people with hope, and making America number one at something again, It's difficult to get over the man, too powerful, rich, the man owns the govt, "federal reserve is privately owned" the man, No matter this truth rings true, we are all slaves to the govt, and the govt is owned by the man