On Preparedness

Whether it be mass famine, a zombie holocaust, or some new civil war, it's always best to be ready for the unexpected. Thanks to Sith by Sithwest for the de-motivator.


Anonymous said...

I went to the Michigan Gun Show at Birch Run yesterday. the converations were pretty interesting. One dealer and customer were doing a compare and contrast on Hitler/Obama. A gun dealer friend of mine said that ran out of commercial inventory of guns and was selling parts of his own collection. Magazines are getting very high priced. A year ago, an used AR mag would run $8.00 and are now at $20. Ammo is very high and components for loading your own ammo is in short supply.
Obama is driving the demand and the conversation. Keep up the good work.



LT Nixon said...


Your new blog is lookin' good, I'll add Hunkered Down in MI to the blogroll.

Anonymous said...

Thanks LT.