Obama: Hot or Not?

Quick question for the ladies or gay mens out there? Is Obama a good lookin' guy and did it affect your vote? The reason we ask is because The Four Horsemen are considering trying to get one of our good friends, Scruffy, to run for public office on the NoBama ticket. Here's a picture of him shortly after he blew up his brother's trailer while cooking up meth.

Ahh! As handsome as JFK in a tuxedo.



Nephi said...

Still waiting for an intelligent comment from one of you horses' asses.

TW said...

Ugh. I think I just threw up in my mouth a little.

To me Obama has no sex appeal whatsoever. Maybe that did affect my vote ...

Anonymous said...

That photoshop is enough to turn anyone's stomach and almost manages to make Scruffy look appealing.

Ms. Kiyum said...

Goddammit, Nixon. When will you retire that photoshop? Also is it weird that I recognized that as Prince album cover? Hairless little men scare me. I think Barry's an attractive man, but I don't get off thinking of him, and I wouldn't vote for someone based on their appearance. Except Tom Selleck. He's got the right amount of hair.

LT Nixon said...


I was expecting a lot more from the One Utah post about our wingnuttedness than just a lame comment thread about Palin's pantsuits or whatever. That is so two weeks ago. zzzzzzzzz. You might be waiting for "intelligence", but we're still waiting for something delightfully snarky on your end!

Ms. K,

Alright, well there's a pic of Zack Morris and the cell phone I had up until last week in a newer post.