Liberal Urban Hipsters Now Deem The American Flag Cool

An American Flag...in Seattle?!?

The Stranger has published some photos of good times being had by throngs of Obamatrons in the streets of Seattle. One pic that was a bit unusual was a large American flag being waved from a passing car. Judging by the celebratory nature of the post, Old Glory is as cool as Radiohead showing up at a Live Earth concert. Of course it wasn't always this way. From the 2003 Stranger:
I hate the American flag, and I shouldn't have to see it this much. It makes me want to kill. Listen, the size of your American flag is directly proportional to how big of an asshole you are. The American flag is a symbol of all our biggest jerks, and the worst of our history. All these "Peace Is Patriotic" pushovers--fuck them; peace is not fucking patriotic. Patriotism is the cause of every war in the history of mankind that wasn't fought over religion. And can you really blame half the world for hating America? Look at the assholes representing us! That includes you with your flag, you piece of shit.
It seem there's an upside to the Obacalypse. Proudly displaying the American flag no longer makes you a brain-dead hick from the exurbs.

One more pic:


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