Levin: Expect painful defense cuts

To go along with all of my other warnings of cuts in Defense spending (here, here, here and here), TSO sends the latest;

It happens every time the Democrats get control of Congress and the White House. They take money from defense and put it into social patronage programs. They win elections without the military vote, so what can it hurt them? Then when a Republican gets into office and tries to fix defense, they (and the media) scream to High Heaven about their spending. Reagan had to fix Carter's neglect of the military, Bush had to repair the damage done by the Clinton years. Think there were shortages during the Bush years, you just watch - the difference now is that our troops are under fire (despite their best attempts to change the language so it doesn't seem so). What happens when there's no ammunition for training now? What happens when there are no more cruise missiles this time?

And you have to ask yourself why Levin isn't being specific about the cuts. More than likely it's because there'll be some major cuts in personnel expenses. Things like pay, bonuses, recruiting, retention and training. That will place a drag on manpower needs. Lucky for Obama, Jimmy Carter brought back draft registration after Nixon ended it. Then watch the cuts to veterans' benefits. BOFO.


Oldrightie said...

Now I see why our socialist love your dickocrats!

MAS1916 said...

Taking money from defense only makes it more expensive when we have to rebuild later.

North Korea, Iran, China, Syria, Russia... there are so many real threats right now that it is inconceivable that we should reduce our defense capabilities.

Oh well... these are the 'chains we can believe in.'