Scary Zombie Training Video Released by Obamamaniacs

Following up on the "pledge" that Obama's never-dismantled campaign apparatus was going to be knocking on doors to talk about Toxic Avenger Geithner doing a heckuva job, they've released a training video. Ed Morrissey simply calls it "very, very creepy" as it furthers the bizarre cult-of-personality that Americans seem to have been swindled into. Evidence can be found at the Organizing for America website:
Today it was raining like crazy but several of us still went out and managed to get 212 pledges signed - not bad considering the weather. I was heartened by the strong support President Obama still enjoys locally. We got tee shirts made up for the occasion that have the Obama emblem and "President Obama - We Pledge Our Support" on them.

... Our President told us we have to stay involved if we expect the changes we voted for to happen. The special interests will be active - we have to be twice as active as they are!
Recall the scene in Jesus Camp where religious types blessed a cardboard cutout of former President Bush (in tongues!). At least those weirdos weren't sporting Obama-stickered clipboards and bugging me at the local grocery store to get behind the stimulus package.


Jason said...

Strong support? They must me going door to door in govt housing. I bet they are all waiting on that check they thought they would get when he took office.

Going door to door in my neck of the woods by those idiots would just increase the numbers on milk cartons.

Oldrightie said...

He's definitely taking lessons from our maniac on how to bugger everybody!

traveler_in_time said...

Identifying his followers before a purge Stalin style no doubt. This clip reminds me of one of those Nazi recruitment videos.

Cbullitt said...

LT, didn't you say something about the guy in the last Zombie video having pins in the map behind him tomark where he'd burried the bodies? He's gonna need a lot more pins for this bunch of loons--that assumes, of course, that he'll find where we put them.

kjco said...

You need to read/listen on audio book "It Can't Happen Here" by Sinclair Lewis. These "pledger" people are the "MM's". The book was written about fascism in 1935 & there are so very, very many parallels to the Obamanation today. Just creepy, now it is Liberal Fascism.