Obama-bots get their marching orders

Your neighbors are about to get a whole lot more irritating;

That last paragraph really bothers me;
We know this fight won't be easy. But important battles never are. Together, we have the opportunity to shape our country's future. We believed in the power of people to win an improbable election victory. And we believe in the power of people to drown out the cynics and entrenched interests in Washington to bring lasting, meaningful change we can all be proud we played a role in.

What fight? The one they're having against common sense? Does this mean they're going to be knocking on my door every few hours? Are they going to hold me in headlock until I say "uncle"? This isn't an election - what can they accomplish? Well, here are their choices for pledging support;

Who do they think they're going to be convincing? Any one who can make any sort of decision? I guess it's just to keep them all in the habit of doing what they're told.

And that "entrenched interests in Washington" line is sounding more like Chavez' "oligarchy" phantoms every time they use it.


Oldrightie said...

It looks more and more as we might get rid of our maniac, Browbama, you poor buggers have nearly 4 years of sainthood to cope with.

ParaPacem said...

Well - although all who know me will attest that I am a quiet and reserved fellow, if any of the Obamarrhoids come knocking, they might want to wear serious body armor and knock with a long stick as they stand outside the fence.
If I need soem yard work done, I'll give them a call.

Actually, ti sounds more like the psych-based recruiting techniques used at the beginning of the Hitler Youth movement; creating the 'us vs. them' scenario, painting the 'other' as enemy, and declaring eventual victory...

Anonymous said...

Do you think Ms. Obama is the real community organiser coming up with this crap? Could she be the wo-man behind the curtain? Just an unsubstantiated theory, but a pretty good bet.

Anonymous said...

If the droids come to my house, they will be of the hypnotized "Obama's Witnesses" variety and easily ushered off. Pity the folks who have to deal with the agitated Black Panther or ACORN version--can you imagine the paperwork for taking out 3 or 4 of them?