Susan Sarandon Compares Obama to Jesus

At a swanky, celebrity-ridden inaugural ball, The Hill picked up this quote from The One:
Movie star Susan Sarandon compared President Obama to Jesus. Broadway and film actor Alan Cumming thought of him more like Mahatma Gandhi.

He is a community organizer like Jesus was,” Sarandon said Tuesday night on the bright blue carpet leading into the Creative Coalition’s 2009 Ball at the Harman Center for the Arts in Chinatown. “And now, we’re a community and he can organize us.”

Sarandon said she planned to push hard for veterans’ rights. “That’s going to be my personal b---h,” she said.
What is it with the far left comparing Obama to Jesus? Funny how they like to claim to be dubbed "The Reality Based Community" and we're the weirdos. As for Sarandon making veterans' causes "her bitch", don't count on much from her. Here's what she had to say about notorious emo-traitor/deserter Lt. Watada last year:
If the definition of a hero is one who is distinguished by exceptional courage then Lieutenant Ehren Watada is a hero as he knowingly and freely faces courtmartial and conviction and the likely possibility of imprisonment, hard labor, and harassment. Lieutenant Ehren Watada is a loyal American patriot and a hero, setting a shining example for all Americans and for this I and all Americans should be supportive and in his debt.
Odd, most people just think he's a big pussy. Perhaps this type of mentality amongst America's cultural elite is why Obama skipped out on the Medal of Honor recipients inaugural ball.



armywifefrsa said...
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armywifefrsa said...

I 100% agree with you. Watada (I won't even grant him the slightest respect of giving him a title in our esteemed Officers Corps) was a yellow-bellied coward, who deserted his troops on the eve of their deployment. My husband is stationed on Fort Lewis right now, and I've been here the entire time the Watada thing was going on because my dad retired out of this post.

If Sarandon is planning non making veterans' rights her personal "bitch," I'd like to see more retirement pay going to retired vets. My father didn't volunteer for the Army during Vietnam to be disrespected by these so-called veterans' supporters.

Also, didn't the Beatles get quite some flack for comparing themselves to Jesus?

Anonymous said...

I doubt Jesus would vote to make it all right for doctors to leave live babies to die of neglect in rooms meant for dirty linens.

Jesus wouldn't take money from the "rich" by force and waste it on government programs that don't work.

Jesus never asked the government for a dime to feed the people or work miracles. Government had nothing to do with it. It doesn't bother me so much that some Hollywood foof compares Obama to Jesus...others have compared lesser people to Jesus at one time or another.

What really bothers me are the people in government who compare themselves to Jesus. Kind of reminds me of "Dear Leader" Kim Jong Il and his ilk.

traveler_in_time said...

Why they compare him to Jesus is because 1. They don't know Jesus and 2. They want one of their own in other words, an anti-Christ.
Well, they got him... And unfortunately, so do we.

ParaPacem said...

Susan Skank wouldn't know Jesus if He kicked her scurvy ass from here to eternity.
But He wouldn't.
He would never skankify His shoes that badly.

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