Stimulus Bill a Big Sloppy BBQ

Obama's stimulus package has little to do with making long-term infrastructure investments and everything to do with dishing out money to keep the government afloat for a few more years while we go deeper into debt. Net Right Nation discusses the details of the stimulus to be voted on today:
But, of course, in the final analysis, that does not mean that the $825 billion legislation will be any less wasteful. Because, it will not matter to the American taxpayer whether the bacon was added to the package piecemeal—or if the entire pig was served up upon introduction, as appears to be the case here.

As ALG News reported yesterday in “The Top-Ten Bottom Feeders,” the debt stimulus has plenty of pork: $300 billion to bail out state governments from record deficits, $4.19 billion for “neighborhood stabilization” that’s really a disguised payout to groups like ACORN that are made eligible for said funds, $650 million for digital TV coupons, and $21 million for sod.

According to top Capitol Hill sources close to the process, instead of the typical earmark process—the Christmas tree decoration approach as described by Mr. Obama in the above quotation—pet projects have been inserted as specific sections of the bill itself. In short, why nickel and dime it, when you can just go whole hog?
Sleazy payday-loan type places are already trying to cash in on the Leskonomics that pervades the Democrat party by promising free government grants and loans. How much longer can our country sustain itself by going further into the stink hole? When we as a nation believe that the government should provide everything from free health care to digital TV coupons, we probably won't be able to last very long.

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