The Real Obama Cheerleaders

Politico has a video clip of a young high school troupe of cheerleaders doing a montage for the President Elect prior to inauguration. No harm, no foul, as anything that keeps young people off my lawn is a good, wholesome activity. But the video fails to mention the real Obama cheerleaders, which has been the media reluctant to criticize The Obama and unashamedly partisan in their "objective" reporting. No wonder they won The Fiskie this year, even beating perennial nuisance Code Pink.


Anonymous said...

Why do you hate Obama? would you rather have 4 more years of impotency under the stellar leadership of that fucking Bush guy, and his pal Dick? If so, you're a fucking idiot.

LT Nixon said...

This blog isn't about Bush/Cheney, who will be gone tomorrow. We can only look to the future, and that is...The Obacalypse!

Jonn Lilyea said...

...and who said anything about hate?