Joe "The Terrible" Declares War on America! Evokes the Prose of Jimmy Carter

Why is this man trying to kill us all?

We may have been at war with Islamic extremism since 9/11, but, apparently, you ain't seen nothing yet. Channeling the legendary wisdom of Jimmy Carter's famous malaise speech, where an economic crisis was considered "the moral equivalence of war", our incoming vice prez has taken it a step further and simply declared "We're at War!" in regards to the economy. Politico has the scoop:
Vice-president-elect Joe Biden likened the country’s economic crisis to the attacks of 9/11 Monday in a private meeting on Capitol Hill.

“We’re at war,” Biden told congressional leaders of both parties during their sit-down with Barack Obama in the Capitol, according to two sources familiar with the exchange.

It’s not the first time the vice-president-elect has used stark language to underscore the perilous state of the economy. In an interview last month on ABC’s “This Week,” Biden said that a stimulus package was needed to keep the economy from “absolutely tanking.”
Since the meeting was private, the article is a bit terse on who will be the targets in this new begotten battlefield. Will it be gubernatorial boobs, like The Governator, who ruined their state's economy through irresponsible fiscal spending? Will it be sheisty banks that offered shady loans and made off like bandits during the housing bubble? Or will it be the emerging American tendency to saddle yourself so badly with debt that, in the old days, you would have gotten your legs broken on more than one occasion by the neighborhood loan shark.

Regardless of who we are at war with, Biden seems to be whipping up support for the Obamarama fiscal stimulus package, which promises to inject more funny money into the economy that the government doesn't have. Politico also had an article about the GOP predicting an Obama backlash. As a blogger, I welcome poor policy decisions wrought with bad ideas from the administration, strictly for entertainment value. But as Americans, we should all be shitting in our pants that collapse of the dollar will make America look like Germany in the 1920s, with kids flying around kites made out of Deutschemarks. We all know how that turned out in the end...



Superb Jon said...

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LT Nixon said...

Sueprb Jon,

Somehow I don't think Biden is pro-IRA and we don't have anything against catholics. But I loved reading this crazy unhinged rant!