Historic Inauguration To Be Interrupted With Sham-Wow Commercials

Change We Can Believe In!

JammieWearingFool directs our attention to the Obama team selling off "exclusive rights" to TV networks to broadcast the coming festivities in DC. Despite the fact that this inauguration fit for a Pharaoh is being paid for with taxpayer dollars, the Obama team still finds a way to cash in. From WaPo:
Barack Obama's inaugural organizing committee has struck deals with three television networks to the tune of more than $5 million, giving the networks exclusive access to inaugural events. But the arrangement is prompting questions about the president-elect's efforts to raise money by turning his inauguration into made-for-TV productions.
To pay off this outlandish expense for a public ceremony, ABC is going to have to air commercials:
The ABC program will carry commercial breaks, meaning the network may be able to turn a profit on the event.
So if you were planning an inauguration orgy to celebrate the second-coming of the messiah, plan on interruptions from Billy Mays hocking Orange-Glo cleaner and that Sham-Wow putz spoiling the mood.



Anonymous said...

Hey, I'd much rather watch Billy Mays and "Vince" (Sham-Wow hawker) than this inauguration. The Demorats talked about how many penicillin shots the money spent for President Bush's inaugurations would buy. With Obama's party costing three times as much, isn't anyone going to comment about how much penicillin or how many mosquito nets could be purchased with that money?

Mike said...

At least the sham wow actually delivers on its promises.

cathcatz said...


LT Nixon said...


I think the presidential limo should sell sticker space for corporate advertising like NASCAR does. Now that would truly dignify the executive branch!

Mike said...

Nixon, why sell the advertising when they give him the money for free anyways?