Biden Continues to Depress the Nation with Economic and War News

Authorities Talk With Young Man Who Saw Biden's Face The Nation Appearance

Shortly before he became the Vice President, Joe Biden declared a Carter-esque "War on the Economy" in an attempt to whip up support for the Obama stimulus plan and save America's prosperity. But after only a week on the job, he's already throwing in the towel and saying that the economy is pretty much a goner. From IHT:
As the administration pressed for quick action, Vice President Joseph Biden Jr. offered a bleak assessment of the current situation but predicted that the stimulus package would ultimately pass Congress with support from both parties. Speaking to Bob Schieffer on CBS's "Face the Nation," Biden said of the economy, "It's worse, quite frankly, Bob, then everyone thought it was, and it's getting worse every day."

"There's no good news, and there's no good news on the horizon."
Biden doesn't offer any good news for armed forces serving in Operation Enduring Freedom either. From the same Face the Nation appearance:
"We're about to go in and try to essentially reclaim territory that's been effectively lost. ... All of this means we're going to be engaging the enemy more now."

Asked if this would lead to more losses of U.S. soldiers, Biden said: "I hate to say it, but yes I think there will be. There will be an uptick."
With high approval ratings for Obama, they must feel confident to let gaffe-master Joe out of his cage. If polling falters for Obama, expect Joe to go back in hiding from the media along with Rahm Emanuel.


Anonymous said...

Remember back in the day... Back when then Governor Bush tried to point out during the campaign that the economy was in a minor recession?

Remember how the Democrats screamed (and the MSM mindlessly echoed) Bush is trying to talk down the economy?

Do you remember that?

Well, apparently, the MSM and the Democrats don't either!

And the Republicans don't have the cajones to remind them!

Elizabeth said...

George, that's a pretty good summation.

Thank God for Joe Biden...I guess the praise will come in another lifetime.