Obama Shows Great Leadership During the Holidays

What a swell guy! Look at the similarities between Obama and regular Americans during Christmas:

Obama outside his ritzy vacation rental in Kailua, HI

Auto Workers outside a closed Chrysler Truck plant in Warren, MI

Obama ready for his golf swing

Americans ready for a Chinook ride in Afghanistan

Apparently, the "I feel your pain" line is too 1992. Welcome to the celebrity presidency!


Anonymous said...

You know, I recall when George Bush stopped playing golf during the early days of the war. The press ridiculed GWB, for making such an insignificant 'sacrifice' while we have troops in the field. Of course now that O'bama is the Potentate in waiting....no big deal what we the people are suffering. It is nice that Obama has an opportunity to get some R&R. We haven't even got started with him yet. God Save us All

Anonymous said...

In the words of Mel Brooks;

"Its good to be the King!"