This is the End, My Only Friend, The End

Once upon a time, America was a fine democracy rife with opportunity, innovation, and the political will to survive while the rest of the world decayed. People worked diligently in her fields, factories, and cities to ensure a prosperous civilization would lead the world to life and liberty for all the world's citizens. However, the hard work and dreams of the young nation gave way to sloth and complacency, even as worldwide turmoil flared up once again due to threat of international terrorism. The American people became upset at the way in which the conflict manifested itself, particularly when the domestic economy began to fall apart like a deck of cards.

A demagogue in a suit appeared, and he made idle promises of "hope and change" to soothe the anxiety felt by a majority of Americans during these turbulent times. He promised a variety of free services for the people, including health care, to secure their trust, even though he didn't have the money to pay for these luxuries. With the help of a complicit media and bizarre Soviet-style propaganda campaign, The Obama was allowed to rise to power by popular and electoral vote. It is unknown how America will fail, but other leaders in the world's history who have had big ideas for change amidst a fanatical population show that it's not going to be pretty.

This simple blog will chronicle the demise of civilization, so that aliens who come down to study planet Earth will know where we went wrong, and how to prevent this catastrophe on their home planet. Enjoy the Obacalypse!

-The Four Horsemen

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Mezzo SF said...

wow. Ya'll are leaving me speechless.

(not a bad thing...just...wow.)

Looking foward to reading ya'll here...