Tackling the Important Issues: Mrs. Obama's Apparel

Mrs. Obama in one of Her Fabulous Dresses

The super fandom of the Obamas has reached a bizarre level of craziness with the launch of Mrs. O, the blog with the stated purpose to "Follow the Fashion of Mrs. O. A regular look at what and who she's wearing". Here's an example of this highly important commentary from the post Global Icon in the Making:
Without doubt, the Maria Pinto coral red dress she wore at the White House yesterday caused a spike in global media admiration, with the dress earning its own column inches in the mainstream British press.

I have no idea what the hell Marina Pinto Coral is, and I don't question the First Lady-Elect's ability to dress herself, so why is any of this relevant except to show the depravity of our celebrity-obsessed culture? There are lots of nutty websites out there in the innertubes, but the disturbing reality is that this blog seems to be mimicking our mainstream media rather than out there on the fringe. Some recent examples of hard-hitting journalism from our corporate-owned conglomerates is "Will Obama Girls be on Hannah Montana?" [CBS] and details of how Obama's inner-circle of friends likes to play scrabble [LA Times].

The Four Horsemen are most concerned with issues like "Is Obama's Economic Policy Going to Bankrupt America" and "Is his Foreign Policy Going to Get Us All Killed?" I guess not caring about where the Obamas shop makes us the wackos.

-Four Horsemen


Anonymous said...

The first lady's wardrobe, and often her hairstyle as well, has been a focus of the media through many presidencies. Doesn't anyone else remember all the talk about Hillary's headbands? Or Barbra Bush's pearls? The fact is, other than that hideous dress she wore election night, Mrs. Obama has displayed a more "fashion-forward" style of dress than most of the recent first ladies. Laura Bush has a classic and understated style, but hasn't been as flashy and therefore probably didn't appeal as much to the "younger" crowd.

Ky Woman said...

Dammit! I want to see the shoes!

Ya know like they did on Sarah...