The One opens Metro's doors

We don't see enough of Obama's face these days, so the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority is putting his mug on a fare card available in early January according to the DCist. Funny, but I don't remember seeing any commemoration fare card for anyone else. Ever.

I expect passing through the turnstiles at the subway stations will take longer as holders of the card pause to genuflect when they pull The One's visage from their wallets to swipe the sensors.

I sure hope my card doesn't crap out next month and they force this one on me.
Currently, Metro plans to sell them for $10 per card, with no value added to the card at the time of initial purchase, which would make them $5 more expensive than regular SmarTrip cards. They may also be hard to come by, as Metro will only have an initial order of 35,000 on hand to begin with, though Taubenkibel said the agency hopes to have more available as time permits.

So they'll immediately be targeted by thieves.


Nephi said...


just more of the same old crap from the horses' asses.

LT Nixon said...


perhaps you'll find more interesting material at Huffington Post, Daily Kos, or any of the other Obama surrogates out there. Learn about the new commemorative Obama Gold Coin Set, Hear about The One's new blackberry, quick!!! Go check it out!


Aren't they supposed to wait until presidents have died before making stamps, coins, and the like?

Jonn Lilyea said...

Careful of Wheeler there, ElTee - he'll start boring you with his pointless predictions for elections decades in the future.

Sisu said...

Not being one of the fawning horde of sycophants gets one labeled a "horse's ass"? I've always loved me some equine posterior...sign me up!

Perhaps Nephi could do with a thesaurus as his main complaint is that this blog is the same old crap, yet he continues to use the same old slurs. I'm just sayin'.

Mike said...

Shit, you think its bad in DC, try Chicago. I had a meeting with corporate the other day in the loop and nearly every single lamp post has a banner with the Dear Leaders picture on it.

I understand why (some) Chicagoans are proud and what not, but that must have cost a cash straped city hundreds of thousands.

cathcatz said...

wow. a president who's actually POPULAR with the majority of the american public, rather than an embarassment to the entire nation, is just so infuriating to you all, isn't it?

i love it.

Jonn Lilyea said...

Popular to the point of fawning and idolization, Cath? It's downright embarrassing, actually.

Nephi said...

No, John. Criminal screw-ups like Bush and Cheney are embarrassing.

The first thing I'd like to hear Obama say after being sworn in, and while pointing his finger at Bush, is: "arrest that man!"

It will be nice not to have a war criminal in office again!

cathcatz said...

john, after the drivel we've had to put up with from teh dumbya, the people are primed and ready for something new and shiny! the new car smell will wear off soon enough, but dammit, i'm sniffin' all that i can until it does.