Obama's America Sobers Up

America in That morning after feeling

The days following the Obama election are akin to waking up next to a 300 pound heifer you picked up at Denny's following a Saturday night bender. It seemed like a good idea at the time, but the sobering reality the next morning is deeply disturbing. The London Times summarizes the somber tone in which Obama may not be able to keep all his promises:
On Tuesday night Mr Obama spoke of a “steep climb” ahead and how he may not achieve all he wants in a first term. In interviews he has asked not to be judged by the traditional yardstick of his first 100 days so much as his first 1,000 days or even more.

Spokesman Robert Gibbs, who is likely to be made White House press secretary, said: “It’s important that everybody understands that this is not going to happen overnight. There has to be a realistic expectation of what can happen and how quickly.”

The sober tone Mr Obama adopted in his speech on election night was intended to be the first of many signals that some of the promises he made during a 21-month election campaign may be difficult to fulfill quickly.
The article then dives into details about how the economic policies just aren't adding up, something the WSJ forewarned of weeks ago. Does this mean I can't get that unicorn to make myself more flashy than the other horsemen? Damn.

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