Obama Derangement Syndrome

Grave Concerns About the Next 4 Years

While the media ejaculates on itself over the election of their guy, and urban hipsters take pride in being Americans again, it's important to discuss what kind of criticism will be levied against The Obama. Ed Morrissey of Hot Air says that it's time to gussy up the Republican Party, but Lela offers up much better advice:
Because I respect the office he will hold, I will act respectfully to the man who hold it. Don't misunderstand me, I will still speak out when I believe a policy, judgment, or action is wrong; that is my right, obligation, and privilege as a citizen. I will do so thoughtfully and respectfully. (Of course, I do reserve my right to be sarcastic when sarcasm is warranted, and I hope I never lose my sense of humor.)
Spewing forth blogorrhea about Obama's creepy "Muslin" heritage or how he smoked crack and had gay sex with Larry Sinclair are repulsive tactics, untrue, and ill-advised. But criticism of his disastrous policies, which remain rather unclear, are completely warranted and necessary during these tumultuous times. The Republican Party's choice of a dunce for a Veep candidate, electing a convicted felon to Senate, and supporting an intrusive proposition into the personal lives of gay Californians have shown that they have not learned the error of their ways. The Republican apparatus may no longer a viable mechanism to halt the disastrous ideals of people in power to nationalize 401K plans and to cut military spending in a time of war.

Sure, there are a few good things about Obama, like talking about keeping on the extremely competent Secretary of Defense Gates, and the fact that I'm sure he's a "swell guy" in person. But even progressive values once supported by some Democrats that sound suitable for our modern age, like ending the death penalty and our disastrous War on Drugs, have been met with opposition by the messiah who promises us so much Hope and Change.

Surely, you can understand why some Americans are deeply concerned about what this presidency will mean for the republic, and by extension the rest of civilization. If that is what passes for Obama Derangement Syndrome, then sign this blog up. And if you don't believe me, remember the words of Thomas Jefferson:
All tyranny needs to gain a foothold is for people of good conscience to remain silent.
Mankind's worst atrocities have been committed by governments with absolute power in a quest to remake society. Don't let it happen here.



Anonymous said...

This is the bitterest blog post I've read in a long time.

Grung_e_Gene said...


Do you really think Obama's policies (sight unseen at this point) can lead to some of mankind's worst atrocities. Doesn't that type of hyperbole 2days after being elected and 75 days prior to assuming office, seem a bit, Daily Kosish? It reads as like Naomi Wolf's 3rd ID planning on implementing martial law and stopping the election madness.

I realize you didn't want Obama to be president, I myself am holding out cautious hope something good will come about from his presidency.

Red Horse: War said...

The bitterest blog! Awesome. We've been in existence 2 days and we are already winning awards!

LT Nixon said...


We don't believe Obama wants to commit atrocities, it was just in defense of criticizing government. But, this is blog land, bring teh crazy!


I take that as a compliment!

DanNY said...


I see no justification either in the link you provided nor in fact for the statement:

"The Republican Party's choice of a dunce for a Veep candidate..."

Dan Maloney
NY State Coordinator
Gathering of Eagles

LT Nixon said...


All a moot point now. She's back in Alaska, and we are only left the obacalypse.