Help me, my brain is melting....

This morning I had to sit through a class about communicable diseases for work. You know the kind, where everyone is only there because they have to get the hours in and the teacher is getting paid a lot of money to tell you there’s nothing you can do about communicable diseases anyway, except call mom.

Well, amidst all of the horrifying boredom, something happened that sharply brought home the affects of the government-as-savior mentality. To me anyway.
We’re sitting there discussing the varieties of meningitis and the availability of vaccines when one of my classmates begins to complain that some vaccines are not “mandatory.” The meningitis vaccine is mandatory for school entry now, but my co-worker wants to know why it isn’t required for college, too.

Granted, I was already a little cranky but it was all I could do not to start throwing my pretzels at this moron.
Instead, I pointed out that people can go to their health department and get any shot they want that is age appropriate and available. This never occurred to the lemmings.

This is what happens when things start to be “mandatory.” People can’t and won’t do anything of their own accord. If the government did not order them to do it, it must not be that important. Right?

I’m not saying everyone ought to run out and get a vaccine of any kind (unless they make one for stupid.)

What I’m saying is people need to decide things for themselves. We are already becoming a nation of people needing babysitters and under the policies planned for us by the liberals on the left, people will become more and more unable to see anything for themselves, like this woman who couldn’t take her kid to get a stupid shot unless the government told her she had to.

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Anonymous said...

It's also possible that she didn't want to take the child for the shot unless it was mandatory because her health insurance (and/or the public health department) only provides mandatory vaccines for no charge and optional ones would require actually shelling out some money.