Don't believe your lyin' eyes, soldier

Blackfive put up a link to this article by Scott Kesterson at the Huffington Post. I'd read it a few places around the internet, but never in it's original form and complete with bonehead comments. Here's an excerpt from the article;
Sitting on a couch in front of the television in the early hours of the morning, an Army Captain watched as the election results were being reported. He shook his head in disgust. "This is proof that the media can elect a President." The room walls were grey concrete, the floor covered in a red Afghan rug, the sofa and love seat torn and worn down from constant use. The dusty television was set in a plywood box; a field made "entertainment" cabinet. The Captain continued, "I take [Obama's] not wearing the flag on his lapel and his reasoning very personally. Fuck him. That flag is more than just about a country and its ideas; it is about the man on your left and right that you fight with and die for." The Master Sergeant sitting in the room commented,"He has no use for soldiers. He never took the time on his tours to spend time with soldiers, only senior commanders and foreign politicians."
Now there are some observations from people on the ground, people who are actually affected by the decisions of their commanders, both civilian and military. They spoke their minds about the way they perceive the political impact that Obama will have on their profession and their very lives.

So what do the commenters have to say about that?

rgblue: This article is very sad and absolutely amazing.

These men are completely backwards in their passionate beliefs and opinions and what sounded like hatred at times. They are also a shrinking majority if not already a minority.

Unfortunately, the media they accuse of electing Obama is likely the same media that has fed them lies and poisoned them for years.

This historic election IS what our soldiers have always fought for.

The media did not elect Obama, the PEOPLE did in a magnificent rebuttal of the politics of fear and class warfare and division and hatred.

I met a 24 year old Iraq veteran recently. He voted for Obama. Enough said.
See? The folks who are pulling the triggers are "backwards" compared to the enlightened goofballs on the frontlines of their living rooms watching the election unfold between American Idol and World of Warcraft. And because this fellow "met" ONE Iraq veteran who voted for Obama, that means all of these guys in the article are lying.
Pushmepullu: The media didn't make the election. In fact, the media was much more careful about calling the election than it has been in the past. Our military is misinformed.
The only news the military gets is from the same sources we all have. It's not like their first sergeant reads his version of the news to them every morning. If the military is misinformed, it's quite possible we're all misinformed.
jafreelance: Thank goodness the American People of all races,young and old knows that our Country has to go forward instead of staying in libo.McCain tried using his pow while many others that were pows knew that doesn't make a good President.McCain was out of touch not evening knowing how much gas was while Obama was in touch with the people and did know how it was like to live in a single parent family home with grandparents helping out.Look,read and see how many people are getting laid off from their jobs every single day around the Country while wondering where are they going to live with their kids.
Yeah, that's one of the rocket scientists on the Left that's leading us over the cliff. he almost forgot to add "for the children" until the end.
Pushmepullu: Wow. I am really sorry our soldiers in the field do not share our joy at the election of Barack Obama. The President-elect did not shun all soldiers in uniform. I have seen pictures of him shaking hands with troops. I have heard that conservative viewpoints are everywhere in the military. The military needs to open its mind and hearts to possibilities. They can rest assured that Obama is a completely loyal American, with or without flag pin.
Get that? The commenter has "seen pictures" of Obama shaking hands with the troops, yet the troops say they haven't seen him. So who's right? And, of course, it's the troops who are being closed-minded and being led around by the media. The troops need to open their minds and their hearts. Never mind that they are are at the spear-point of our foreign policy and these HuffPo cretins are watching what they're fed on the tubes.
Etniks: After living in so many countries and traveling through many others, I just can't take this constant talk about soldiers being "heroes" just for being soldiers. You can travel around the world and the only time you'll see flags hanging from their homes is on their respective Independence days celebrations.
Not here in the US. The brainwashing supported from school and reinforced constantly in the Media, makes United States a Warrior country, a country not inclusive but expansive and aggressive with military bases over more than 170 countries!!
It's common to see US governments use the excuses of "national security" to attack another country, whether it's true or not , as the case in the attack and occupation of Iraq and the war in Vietnam. The so-called "domino effect" which was the main excuse to "stop communism before all of Asia falls as well" has been proven COMPLETELY FALSE as we can see Russia, China and even Vietnam itself choosing to shed communism on THEIR own terms, even after the US was defeated and ran from Vietnam.
These soldiers in Afghanistan are there trying to make sense of the sacrifices they have been making, and their brainwashing shows its face in their anti-Obama attitude.
I love how the Liberals always have to lead off with how worldly and urbane they are. An urbane person would know that what happened to our troops' opinions is the result of brainwashing - and it began in those secret brainwashing elementary schools on the farms where we grow our super-soldiers. This goofball went to the same school that the rest of us went to but somehow with his superior intellect was able to resist the brainwashing techniques that work so well on us lesser beings.

The Four Horsemen are all either serving currently or veterans. Our opinions aren't representative of every single member of the military, but some of us have been in the military when Democrats were our commander-in-chief and we know what's in store for our troops, because we know that as soon as they can, Democrats will cut benefits and stop paying the troops properly. Training and maintenance will suffer - and Democrats will tell the troops to shut up and follow orders. And they will, praying for the next election.


Nephi said...

The good Army Captain should be reminded that in the last debates, it was McCain who was not wearing the pin, while Obama was wearing the pin. You guys are all freeping brain dead morons.

Army Sergeant said...

Except the thing is, it's skewed. I think I have a little bit better perspective than some reporter, given that, you know, I'm actually in the military. And the reaction was divided. Because, you know, the military is NOT A MONOLITHIC VOTING BLOC.

A lot of soldiers voted for Obama. A lot of soldiers voted for McCain. Some soldiers think Obama is fulfilling some bible verse and will bring about the apocalypse. Some soldiers were passing out cigars.

We're different people with different opinions. It happens. If you cherry pick your opinions, you're not going to get a good article. I could get an article together pasted from AKO discussions about how the whole flag pin issue is absolute bullshit, but it wouldn't make me right.

LT Nixon said...


I think that's what Jonn was getting at when he said "Our opinions aren't representative of every single member of the military,"

Ray said...


McCain paid more in blood and sacrifice than you ever could. He wears the flag on his heart daily. Who gives a shit if he isn't wearing a pin? Obama didn't wear it earlier in the campaign and gave a BS reason for not wearing it. Then, after being called on it, started wearing one. At least Mac knew the name of the soldier on his bracelet. Obama is a tool and he has shown time and again he is a false patriot. I'm with the Captain on this one...BOHICA boys.