American Flag is the New Cool in Seattle

The eco-friendly flag-mobile powered by one's own sense of self-satisfaction

Great news from Seattle! After a long period of the the flag, the symbol of our nation, being associated with red-neck assholes and maybe a bumper sticker on the occasional military family driving from Tacoma to Everett, it's hip to be proud of your country again. The Seattle PI has the scoop (h/t LGF):
With newfound patriotism, Seattleites want to wave the flag, hang it from their homes and stick it on their cars.

"The thing that's kind of astounding to me is I never ever would have cared to own a flag," said Rosemary Garner, 42. "This is the first day in my life I actually feel this funny sense of pride about my country. It's a very foreign feeling, but it's a good one."
Glad you're jumping onboard, Rosemary, and even though some might consider your patriotism a tad phony and opportunistic, the Four Horsemen are ecstatic you are joining up with the team for the big win.

The Seattle P-I was kind enough to publish helpful hints for first-time flag owners, and we'd like to throw in a few caveats. The American flag is the one that is red, white, and blue with all the pretty stars on it. And using the flag you either burned or defecated on during the 5-year protest of the Iraq War might be considered disrespectful.

That flag is so 2007, get with the times dude! (pic from My Own Side)

-The Four Horsemen


Kat said...

Great link. I'm liking the four horsemen theme. You are still looking for your stride or message?

Snark is in these last few years.

LT Nixon said...


We're going for snark mixed in with death and despair. Tough times call for a new cynicism.